Jan 13th, 2017

Sweet dreams with Corrugated

As many travellers know, it`s not easy to rest well on a plane. This compact, foldable headrest made of corrugated may prove a good tool for getting better sleep.

The PowerSiesta napper is a one piece foldable headrest made of sturdy corrugated. When folded it`s the size of a magazine so easy to carry in a bag with your hand luggage. Once opened and fit together in an easy movement, the napper rests on top of a tray table or on your lap. Users can wrap their arms around it and put a cushion, scarf or sweater on top. The ergonomic design avoids strain on the neck or back.

Intended to be used over and over, it’s durable, lightweight for carrying and made to last from 100% recyclable, biodegradable material.

The napper is being crowdfunded. More info here  http://kck.st/2hdm226