Oct 24th, 2017

Quick & easy cake with corrugated baking pan

Hard to choose between chocolate marble or lemon flavour? Why not try them all, it`s so easy and quick to prepare a cake with this newly launched baking set where (almost) everything is included, even the corrugated baking pan.

The set contains a triangular baking pan made of corrugated board, a cake mix, margarine and decoration sugar. Users need to add a few fresh eggs, mix up the ingredients and bake it in the triangular baking pan which is made of heatproof corrugated board. This corrugated board is fat repellent and certified for direct contact with foodstuffs. The packaging has been designed as a self-standing unit at retail which leads to material and cost savings.  The stand  can be placed in the pre-chilled zone as well as in the cake mix section.