Nov 28th, 2017

Wool and corrugated get together

Corrugated has good insulating properties because it captures air between its layers. When used in combination with another natural resource, in this case wool, this improves the insulation properties even further. This packaging, currently a prototype, uses corrugated and wool to create an insulation to keep products in their optimum environment throughout their transportation journey.  The packaging, named LifeGuardian, can keep vaccines in their optimum environment of 2-8 ºC for up to twice as long as industry standards that use synthetic materials such as polystyrene. The packaging is easy to assemble and the wool is 100% pure sheep`s wool that is too coarse for textile use.

A good solution for keeping the cold chain intact for pharmaceutical products as well as for the food industry.

The packaging is fully recyclable and so reduces environmental impact and waste. One step further towards creating a circular economy!