Jun 7th, 2016

Stylish & efficient delivery of clothes for online shoppers

The Rollor Express is a packaging solution almost entirely made of corrugated board designed to transport clothes efficiently and with no creases. Garments are ready to wear once they have been unpacked. The raised edges (made of polyurethane foam) ensure that there is no pressure on the garment and no pressure means no creases!

The Rollor Express has been designed for e-commerce and delivers garments efficiently and stylishly to the customer. There are always returns in e-commerce but because the returns will be sent back in the Rollor Express, it`s easy for the customer and saves the e-tailer a lot of time and money. The e-tailer won’t need to recondition the clothing anymore, because they are still in perfect condition. After the returning process is done they can often reuse the Rollor Express for a new customer. Very efficient!

Customers who have bought a product packed with the Roller Express can re-use the roller when travelling so it`s also a sustainable packaging.

For more information: https://www.rollor.com/solutions/rollor-express-packaging/

ROLLOR Express generic design

ROLLOR Express open with suit 2