Aug 13th, 2012

Sustainable material for energy efficient homes

In the quest for eco-friendly housing, manufacturers of prefabricated homes have found a way to merge material sustainability and energy efficiency – the magic ingredient: corrugated board.

They create interlocking wall modules using multiple sheets of corrugated board glued together; covered with a protective film and framed with wood. (Picture above)

What’s so special about this 290mm corrugated wall?  Tests have revealed that it has an incredible thermal resistance of 7.88 m2×K/W (that’s very high) and an acoustic resistance of 44db (that’s equal to bird calls or half the noise of a food blender).

Thermal resistance is one of corrugated boards’ benefits.  In fact, the University of Colorado conducted tests on two identical houses: one insulated with wood fibre and one with fibreglass.  The test proved that wood fibre offers energy savings of 26.4% compared to fibreglass.  Put another way, the house insulated with wood fibre was 4°C warmer after a period of 9 hours without heating.

Homeowners can now insulate their homes with a sustainable and recyclable material that is cost efficient and easy to install.  Most importantly, it will dramatically lower your energy bills!