Apr 17th, 2012

High octane corrugated advertising in Amsterdam

Advertising is all around us.  Every day, on our way to work, we see billboards, posters, bus stop adverts, adverts on the side of the bus, adverts on lamp posts and even on building facades.

However, we have become so accustomed to them that we hardly notice them anymore.  They have just become part of the daily background.  (Unless you are waiting in traffic or for your bus and find their witty statements a welcome distraction.)

There are of course some emotional, though-provoking, hilarious and brilliant advertisements out there but I am trying to illustrate that they are far and few between.  Our “blindness” is a serious challenge for advertising agencies and demands them to find innovative ways to really capture our attention.  So, to all advertisers battling society’s myopic consciousness, we say… corrugated of course.

Just after Christmas 2009, in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, one very clever campaign advertised the Mini using corrugated packaging to warp the reality and awaken the curiosity of those who passed by.  Have a look at the video below.

This is a beautifully simple, clever and elegant advertisement.  As you can see from all the turn heads and inquisitive looks, it is clearly effective.  Notice how some people are curiously looking inside the box!

Evidently, corrugated material is primarily associated to packaging, but many of us forget that it is a versatile material that can be used for anything we imagine, so why not advertising?  It’s definitely different.

Do you have a great example where corrugated packaging is used for advertising?  Post a comment with the link!