Jul 29th, 2013

B2C opportunities from the digital world

At the ECR Conference in May we spoke to Jan Somers—CEO, GS1 Belgilux—and Steffie Defreyne—Junior Data Manager, GS1—about how digital technologies (like trustbox which GS1 has developed) are helping retailers and producers interact with the consumer. We captured their views on video.

Smartphones and tablets are in abundance today, and consumers use them more and more to connect with brands. They are easy to use and make a real difference for retailers and producers who are able to communicate information via barcodes and quick response codes. But this data in its different forms needs to be present and easily readable on packaging first.

Corrugated packaging is ideal for printing on, which gives it the essential ability to carry branding but also to convey important technical supply chain information such as barcodes and information about provenance. An attribute like good printability remains a major advantage because it enables digital communication to take place.