Jan 3rd, 2012

New Year goals: get thinner, fitter and save money in 2012

Another new year, yet for many businesses the New Year carries over last year’s challenges of continuously looking to reduce costs. Often simple solutions are the best ones and as you settle back into work after the break, this video by a Dutch potato processor might give you fresh inspiration to tackle your cost reduction goals.

Dutch potato processor Aviko needs to transport perfect potatoes all year around so the right packaging is critical.

In this 30-second video clip an Aviko distributor explains how they opt for corrugated packaging because its adaptability means they are able to continuously improve the packaging’s performance in terms of strength. Moreover these small adaptations are leading to significant transport cost savings.

The video has unfortunately been removed on YouTube however, we hope you will trust our transcript of the interview below.

“The box that I have with me has a very high sustainability rate. You can stack nine other boxes on top of this one, and you see it is very thin. It takes its strength from the little corrugated corners on the inside, and these continuous strips on the side. We managed to save enormously on material but also by making it so thin there was enough space for an extra layer on the pallet which cut the transporting costs.”

Original story sourced from Aviko and Golfkarton.