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corrugated house A year ago we wrote about a French couple looking to enlarge their home to offer sustainable bed and breakfast facilities and who had decided to develop and build a cardboard house. Well, it is now completed and ready to welcome guests in search of green holiday options!

What do the French think of the cardboard as packaging material? According to a recent Ifop study they see it as a practical, economic and ecological multi-purpose material.

corrugated house

A French couple originally looking to enlarge their home to offer bed and breakfast facilities decided that they wanted to be involved in sustainable tourism development in their area. “We found out that a company was developing a new concept of cardboard house” said Nicole Lenoble.

Many elements help ensure that fresh produce is protected while it moves along the supply chain. Packaging must be efficient during transport and warehousing. In the picture the height of the corrugated tray in which the peppers are packed minimises movement and maximises protection to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

The New Year is underway and one New Year resolution is getting a unanimous vote: Stop wasting food. Individuals, but also market players and institutions are pledging to reduce food waste. The European Parliament wants to declare 2014 European Year Against Food Waste and has called for action to halve food waste by 2025. The European Commission has launched a working group on food losses and food waste assembling a variety of food chain stakeholders. 

Engineer and artist Alex Reben created a corrugated robot equipped with sensors and a high resolution video camera for his Masters thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The robot roamed around autonomously and using several methods to encourage interaction (including looking cute), the robot was able to pull stories from people and create a documentary.

We reported earlier on an ice pack for beer. Well here is another version: Miller Brands UK has developed a corrugated beer case for Miller Genuine Draft that expands when opened and holds ice to chill bottles before drinking.

Cabin crew walking down aircraft aisles while balancing meals on trays may soon be a thing of the past. Easy-to-assemble and space-efficient, these stackable board trays make food service quick and simple – while providing an excellent marketing opportunity.

Always seeking the best, discerning shoppers often squeeze melons before buying. Bruised ones get left on the shelf. Furthermore everyone knows how vulnerable this fragile fruit can be during the journey from shop to home.

But thanks to a new corrugated packing solution the future is looking brighter.

Packaging delicate objects for transport, such as glass bottles, used to be time consuming. Two or more packaging layers were needed to keep the item safe and secure, and this increased handling time.

To address this issue, one of our members devised a bottle packaging solution – aptly called Care bottle packaging ­­– that halves handling time. Thanks to its one-piece delivery, it also reduces packaging materials by 20% and provides 5% savings in logistics.