May 2nd, 2016

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

apple setFresh produce packaged in small portions or as a snack is becoming increasingly popular, it`s a response to the demand for healthy and practical food to eat on the move. This apple-set, designed in the Netherlands provides a packaging that protects the apples individually helping to preserve the quality of the fruit through the chain from grower, packer, retailer right up to the consumer. The lightweight packaging is made of corrugated board which can be printed and is a great platform for branding the product. This packaging also can communicate where the products come from, the variety, storage tips etc.

Corrugated board is an ideal packaging for fruit – it enables the food to be well protected, ensures food safety (one time use) and entices and informs the consumer at the point of sale. What more could you want for your apple-a-day!