May 7th, 2013

Cardboard meal trays could put an end to in-flight spillages

Cabin crew walking down aircraft aisles while balancing meals on trays may soon be a thing of the past. Easy-to-assemble and space-efficient, these stackable board trays make food service quick and simple – while providing an excellent marketing opportunity.

What’s more, they are great for passengers too. Anyone who has ever flown will know how difficult it is to eat an airline meal without sliding the dishes around the tray as you attempt to seize that last morsel. Then, how many times have you had to stop your tray from sliding off your table completely and landing in your – or worse your neighbor’s – lap?

This solution is neat: a compact box made from thin material, with multiple compartments to keep dishes separated and protected. It is an easy-to-assemble tray that is equally easy to open, so passengers can dig right in. From a marketing perspective, airlines will have no trouble printing high quality branding and graphics on the packaging. How do you think this will affect your in-flight dining experience?