Apr 29th, 2013

New packaging protects melons from harvest to home

Always seeking the best, discerning shoppers often squeeze melons before buying. Bruised ones get left on the shelf. Furthermore everyone knows how vulnerable this fragile fruit can be during the journey from shop to home.

But thanks to a new corrugated packing solution the future is looking brighter.

By functioning as either primary or secondary packaging, it allows distributers to ship the fruit from its country of origin without the need for repacking at its final destination. Furthermore, in-store these stackable, display-ready boxes reduce merchandising labor requirements and are great for promoting the producer’s or retailer’s brand.

On the last leg of the journey – from store to home – the box keeps the melon from being crushed between the rest of the shopping and the side of the car each time a corner is rounded.

Able to see the robust and attractive packaging on the outside and the fruit inside, shoppers will be confident that the melon is in pristine condition. No need for squeezing!